Dog and Cat Bandana, One Size

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These are the most stylish patterns, and now you can add it to your pet’s wardrobe with this easy-to-wear, one-size-fits-all bandana! Just roll it to whatever length fits your pet the best, and then tie it loosely around their neck to instantly up their wardrobe and get them set for all those furry photo ops, especially your holiday cards.


  • Soft, breathable fabric keeps your pet comfy.
  • Timeless, stylish material—adds a pop of color to your pet’s collar.
  • Easy-to-wear and comfortable, just tie it loosely around your pet’s neck.
  • Adjustable design makes it easy to get the best fit—just roll it to the right length for your pet.
  • Great for fall photo ops and adding a little cuteness to your pet’s winter wardrobe.

Brand Name: JCPAL
Item Type: Triangular Bandage Bandana
Material: Cloth
Size: 42.5x29cm