Interactive Cat Toy with 360 Degree Auto Rotating Feather

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Spin your cat round and round with this interactive cat toy. This neat automated toy features a teaser wand that spins around electronically to delight your kitty. A track base below has a ball that rolls around and jingles for even more frantic fun! Just turn it on and watch your fur-baby go nuts for loads of healthy playtime and exercise. Teaser wand can be removed for use separately, too.


  • Electronic teaser wand and ball toy will captivate your cat.
  • Features a fluttery feather element kitties love.
  • Jingle ball in the track base rotates for extra movement and excitement.
  • 360 degrees of fun for your furry baby!
  • Removable teaser wand can be used on its own for interactive play.

Brand Name: DesertCreations
Toys Type: Feather Toys
Material: Plastic