SHED Pal - Pet Vacuum Cleaner

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SHED Pal - Incredible Cordless Pet Vac!

Vacuums to collect pet hair while you groom! Features a Hair Collection Canister. Fast, Easy & Gentle.

Shed Pal is the innovative way to control shedding. Ordinary brushes can pull and scratch. Shed Pal's quiet motor gently pull's shedding hair into the collection canister for no mess! The secret is the massaging nubs that gently gather the hair and leave the coat clean and shiny. Great for long hair or short hair, Shed Pal is the mess-free way to control shedding. Your pet will love you for it!

-  Large hair collection canister, neatly traps the removed hair to allow for easy cleanup. For Long and Short Hair Pets

-  Cordless portable design, easy to use. Soft rubber head can also give pet massage

-  Safe and quiet, it will not scare your pet. Take the mess out of the grooming process and enjoy more effective shedding control with this grooming vac.

-  Not just for pet grooming, Great for cleanups of bedding, sofas, and car seats. A quick fix for staircases and corners where pet hair tends to collect. Easy touch up of coats, pants and sofas-removing hair and lint.

*Battery Powered - Requires 3 AA Batteries (Not Included)

Type: Dogs, Cats, Small Pets, Pet Grooming
Model Number: Pet Vacuum Cleaner