The 8 Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog Food reviews & buying guide

Many types of dog food are available, but not all are the same. Some of them can be harmful to your dog’s health. One of the best dog food products are Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog Food.

They have created a range of freeze-dried dog food specifically designed for dogs suffering from allergies and other health conditions. It is made of natural ingredients and is free from artificial preservatives and fillers.

Feeding your dog the correct type of food is essential to keep him healthy. Many of the foods available today are not natural and can be harmful to your dog’s health.

If you are looking for the best dog food, Stella & Chewy’s is the perfect option. It is packed with all-natural ingredients and is freeze-dried to make it easier to digest. It also helps to prevent bloat and other digestive issues in your dog.

Stella & Chewy’s dog food is available in various flavors and sizes. You can easily choose the best one for your dog.

Moreover, freeze-dried dog food is a healthy choice for dogs with joint pain, providing all the necessary nutrients for your dog.

So, if you are looking for healthy and nutritious dog food, buy Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food.

For your convenience, I have reviewed the best Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food products with a detailed buying guide; scroll down and read them.

Comparison table for 8 Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog Food

product NameWeightFlavorAge range 
Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Meal
(Editor’s Choice)
18 OzChickenAll Life Stages
Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw14 OzBeefAll Life Stages
Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried
(Editor’s Choice)
3 OzBeef heartAll Life Stages
Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried7 oZChickenAll Life Stages
Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried8 OzChickenAll Life Stages
Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried18 OzBeef & Salmon for PuppiesBaby
Stella & Chewy's Wild Red Raw21 Lb Ocean RecipeAll Life Stages
Stella & Chewy's Stella's Solutions18 OzLamb & Salmon (Skin & Coat Boost)Adult

5 Things to Consider Before Buying the Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Stella & Chewy’s is one of the best pet food brands and the most extensive pet food company in the United States. And it has been since 2012.

So, why is this dog food so special? Let’s find out!

1. It’s freeze-dried

To prevent your dogs from getting bored eating the same food every day, Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dries its dog food using a patented process. It removes moisture, leaving the product shelf-stable for months and allowing the manufacturer to change the ingredients and recipes more frequently.

2.It’s grain free

In the past, most people fed their dogs a diet of mostly grains, like wheat and corn. Today, most dogs are allergic to most grains, but not Stella & Chewy’s. That’s because Stella & Chewy’s dog food is made with fresh, healthy, wholesome ingredients containing no grains.

3.It’s protein-rich

Another common question is, how much protein should you feed your dog? The answer to that is “it depends.” Dogs require different amounts of protein to eat to meet their specific needs. That’s why Stella & Chewy’s dog food contains more protein than the average dog food.

4.It’s a “complete and balanced” recipe

Just because the ingredients are fresh and healthy doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Stella & Chewy’s dog food contains the perfect blend of nutrients that make it suitable for all sizes and ages of dogs. If your dog do not like the taste of freeze-dried food, then the Frozen dog food can be a good alternative.

5.It’s affordable

Stella & Chewy’s dog food is more expensive than other brands, but that’s because it’s the highest quality. Stella & Chewy’s dog food is a staple in many American homes.

And if you want to save money and give your dog a delicious and nutritious meal, Stella & Chewy’s is the best choice!

If you don’t have budget issues, then you must try Primal best Freeze-Dried Dog Food; its taste any quality is really good.

Buying Guide:


Stella & Chewy’s is the most expensive dog food on the market, but it’s also the best. This is the brand your dog deserves, and you’ll get the most value for your money. It is a long-term investment for you and your dog.


Your dog will most likely grow in size over time. You’ll need to adjust his meal portions according to his current weight. It is especially true if you’re feeding Stella & Chewy’s. You’ll need to change the number of meals you feed your dog accordingly.


Protein is a critical part of your dog’s diet. Your dog needs a certain amount of protein to maintain a healthy metabolism, build muscle, and regulate his blood sugar.


The nutrition in Stella & Chewy’s dog food is unmatched. This is one of the few dog foods on the market that includes fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants in its ingredients. This has as much nutrition as any other best wet dog food in the market.


The taste of Stella & Chewy’s dog food is unmatched by any other brand. Its flavors are fresh and natural, and your dog will love it.

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Meal Mixer Dog Food for Small & Large Breeds – Grain-Free, Protein-Rich Recipe

1.Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper for Small & Large Breeds 

Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog
I’ve always wanted to try Stella & Chewy’s best freeze-dried dog food, and I’m glad that I finally got the chance to do so.

While the product is designed for dogs, I’ve been feeding it to my cat too. She’s not a big fan of the food, but she doesn’t refuse it either.

This is my first time trying Stella & chewy’s freeze-dried food, and I’m pretty impressed. My dogs love it. They gobble it up in a heartbeat.

They seem to like the texture of the food as well. It’s very crumbly and easy to break into pieces.

I have not noticed any changes in their behavior or health since switching to this. They seem to be thriving.

I’ve also tried to feed them their usual dry food, which they refuse. But they’ll eat the freeze-dried food in seconds.

The only downside is that the food is cheaper than some of the other brands. So you should consider it if you’re looking for the best value.


Great product; simple to use; easy to store

Offers convenience to dogs of all sizes and breeds

Easy to clean; comes with a dishwasher-safe bowl and lid

Comes with a lifetime guarantee

Contains no added sugar or preservatives


Some of the ingredients may cause allergic reactions in some dogs

Can only be used for dry kibble

2. Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties Dog Food

Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog
I love these Stella & Chewy’s best freeze-dried dog food. They’re high-quality and great for all ages of dogs, including senior dogs.

These patties are made of 95% real meat and 5% whole grains and are rich in protein.

I like that they’re grain-free and don’t contain artificial flavors or colors.

They’re easy to feed, and my dog enjoys them. I’ve been providing them to her for about three months now, and she seems to like them just fine.

The Stella & Chewy Satisfaction Guarantee states that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and I feel confident in their quality.


Grain-free recipe

100% natural ingredients

Contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

Can be fed to puppies and adult dogs

Made in the U.S.A


Not suitable for puppies under 8 weeks old

Some of the ingredients may not be palatable to all dogs

3. Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Raw Single Ingredient Treats

Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog
This is one of the cheapest Stella & Chewy’s best freeze-dried dog food treats and for a good reason. It’s made from a single ingredient: freeze-dried beef heart. The company states that this makes it one of the healthiest, most digestible treats.

The best part is that this is a raw product containing no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or fillers—just beef heart, a prevalent ingredient in raw diets for dogs.

While freeze-drying removes moisture and kills bacteria, it doesn’t remove nutrients, so it’s still an excellent option for dogs with food allergies or intolerances.

You’ll find freeze-drying on many raw diets, but this is the only brand I’ve seen that uses freeze-dried beef hearts.

This product has a decent shelf life and is an economical choice for dogs on a budget.

The downside is that it’s only available online, so it can be challenging to find if you live in an area where it’s not sold.

My dogs love them, though, and I’d highly recommend giving them a try!


Easy to digest

Natural, healthy, and high-value treat

Made with 100% freeze-dried, raw beef heart

No fillers, artificial ingredients, or additives

100% biodegradable


Beef chunks have hard, dry skin or cartilage

4. Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried dog food, Raw Marie’s Magical Dinner

Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog
Marie’s is one of the best dog food brands on Amazon, and they are known for their  best freeze-dried dog food meals.

I’ve tried several of their products and have always been impressed with the quality. Their raw meals have a very appealing smell that I enjoy, and the dogs love them.

Marie’s is a raw diet, so it has no fillers, and the ingredients are high quality. It doesn’t have wheat or gluten, so it’s great for sensitive stomachs.

Other Stella & Chewy’s best freeze-dried dog food diets tend to have a lot of soy, but this doesn’t.

You can also get a raw diet with vegetables and fruit, but Marie’s has everything you need for a healthy diet.

The freeze-dried raw meals are easy to serve, and I like how you can pour the powder into a bowl or a canister and shake it around.

You can mix this with wet food to make it easier to serve.

The freeze-dried raw meals are available in small, medium, and large sizes, and they also offer dry kibble and treats.

You can also mix it with wet food, but I find it easier to shake and serve.

If you have a picky eater, this is the perfect recipe for them. It has no vegetables or fruit and is just pure meat, so your pet will be very excited to see this treat.

The whole prey recipe is an excellent addition to any diet, and I’d recommend it to anyone with a pet that eats mostly meat.


Made in the U.S.A.

High protein and low carbohydrate

No fillers, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

Made from natural ingredients

Made with cage-free chicken

Made with whole prey ingredients


Does not come with a bowl

Not suitable for very young or elderly dogs

5. Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried dog food Raw Meal Mixer

Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog
Stella & Chewy’s best freeze-dried dog food Raw Meal Mixer SuperBlends topper for dogs is the best in the industry and is easy to use.

With a scoop of this topper, you can give your dog a complete meal in one go, which means less food waste and less work for you.

It’s made with premium-quality ingredients that dogs love and is entirely natural. There’s no need to add anything else to make it healthier or tastier because it’s already perfect.

All the ingredients are natural, and there are no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, or chemicals.

The main ingredient is freeze-dried raw meat, which is the best kind of meat for dogs.

It provides your dog’s nutrition for a healthy and happy life.

It’s made from 100% chicken, and every ingredient is cage-free, making it cruelty-free.

You can adjust the size of the scoops by adding more or less to your dog’s bowl, and the powder will disperse evenly for a clean and easy-to-eat meal.

The powder is also very compact and won’t spill off the table.

The texture is like dry kibble, and it’s easy to scoop up.

Your dog will love the taste, and you’ll love the ease of feeding them.

These are the best on the market if you’re looking for a meal topper that provides all the nutrients your dog needs.


Tender and juicy, bite-sized morsels

Made of all-natural ingredients

Healthy and nutritious

Easy to chew

A variety of different flavors


Requires a little bit of effort and time to prepare

Not recommended for puppies under one year old

Not suitable for very young or elderly dogs

6. Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog Food Perfectly Puppy Dinner

Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog
This is my first time trying Stella & Chewy’s best freeze-dried dog food Raw Perfectly Puppy Dinner Patties Dog Food, and I’m so glad I decided to try it.

I have a 1-year-old Yorkie, and she’s the sweetest thing ever! She’s playful and has a lot of energy. When we go out, she wants to play with everyone, but I’d like her to have something special to eat when we’re not at home.

I’ve tried a few different brands of raw foods, and they could have been better than Stella & Chewy’s. Their patties are juicy and delicious, and they have a satisfying crunch that makes it easy to feed her.

She loves them so much that she doesn’t even want to share.

She gets the recommended dosage of Omega-3 fatty acids, and I see improvements in her coat and overall health.

I highly recommend this brand of raw food for puppies and older dogs.


Great for all life stages

Tasty, easy to digest

Made with only the best ingredients

Supports whole body health

High protein content

Very affordable


Not suitable for large breeds

Not suitable for very young or elderly dogs

7. Stella & Chewy’s Wild Red Raw Coated Kibble Dry Dog Food

Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog
My husband and I are huge fans of Stella & Chewy’s best freeze-dried dog food products, so we were excited when we heard that they had a new line of raw foods for dogs.

I’ve been feeding my dog Stella & Chewy’s Wild Red Raw since he was around 10 months old, and he’s been loving it.

He doesn’t like the taste of salmon or tuna, but the salmon in this recipe is the best kind of salmon, the kind that’s usually found in sushi.

I love this texture, and it’s so much better than the canned salmon I was giving him before.

He’s eating it without any problems, and he’s always happy to see me feed him. He gets excited when he sees me coming to the table and knows he’s getting his favorite food.

It’s a great product, and I recommend it to all dog owners.


It is very convenient, especially for the busy family;

it contains enough protein and nutrients to sustain a dog

Easy to prepare; no need to cook

Suitable for puppies, older dogs, or those with allergies

It is highly palatable; hence, it is easily digestible


It is expensive

Not suitable for very young or elderly dogs

8. Stella & Chewy’s Stella’s Solutions

Stella & Chewy’s best Freeze-Dried Dog
We’ve always had a hard time finding a dry dog food that doesn’t cause loose stool or diarrhea, but this is a big step up!

I noticed a change in my dogs after switching to this food.

She’s less active and has a more challenging time walking around. She’s been known to limp, and I haven’t seen that since we started using this.

I’m curious how long she’s been eating it, but she’s been doing great for at least two months.

She’s a very active dog and loves to play and run.

We’ve tried other brands before, and none have worked for us.

This is the first product that works.

I recommend this product to anyone who wants a better-looking, healthier dog.


Healthy and nutritious

Good source of protein

Good source of omega-3 fatty acids

Containing essential nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants

Taurine support for heart health


Not available for dogs over 30 lbs


Not suitable for very young or elderly dogs


Stella & Chewy Freeze Dried dog food is made from natural and wholesome ingredients such as chicken, turkey, fish, vegetables, and other healthy proteins. It’s also formulated with Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to ensure your dog gets all the nutrition they need. This freeze-dried dog food is grain free and contains fewer than 7% carbohydrates. There are other freeze-dried dog food products you can feed your dog as well; go check them out on our website.


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